Conscious Discipline Training for Educators

June 17, 2014 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Longview Early Childhood Center
337 Lemke Street
Midland, MI 48642
Ann Guidarini
989.492.7702, ext. 1115
Conscious Discipline Training for Educators @ Longview Early Childhood Center | Midland | Michigan | United States

Conscious Discipline is a longtime leader in the integration of classroom management with social-emotional learning, utilizing everyday events as the curriculum and addressing the adult’s emotional intelligence as well as the child’s.

Conscious Discipline empowers adults to consciously respond to daily conflict, transforming it into an opportunity to teach critical life skills to children.

Conscious Discipline is evidence-based, and was named as a national model for character education by the Florida State Legislature.

Preschool teachers, associates and aides AND Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Teachers
Please join us, for a three-part training in Conscious Discipline to include the following concepts:

7 Skills of Discipline:

Skills to constructively respond to conflict in the classroom. These skills promote a peaceful inner state in children from which they are free to learn, cooperate and be successful.

The School Family:

The goal of the school family is to create problem-solvers and promote pro-social behavior by learning effective communication skills.

Brain State Model:

A frame for understanding the internal brain-body states that are most likely to produce certain behaviors in children and in ourselves. With this awareness we learn to consciously manage our own thoughts and emotions so we can help children learn to do the same.

June Flier

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