Conscious Discipline Trainings for Parents

Upcoming Conscious Discipline Trainings for Parents

Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive self-regulation program that integrates social-emotional learning and discipline.

According to Becky Bailey, the creator of Conscious Discipline, “Most of us were raised with fear-based discipline that relied on punishments, leaving us feeling bad for what we didn’t do. Imagine the changes that will occur when we utilize a discipline strategy that depends on love and positively focuses on what to do”.

Free Parenting Series
In this training you will:

–Discover how the brain and child develop and learn.
–Learn skills to teach your children self-control and anger management.
–Learn effective discipline techniques.

What parents are saying about Conscious Discipline:

“I have used may of the techniques that were taught and they worked.”
“I have learned how to help resolve issues rather than fuel them.”
“The class gave hands-on practical methods.”
“I have not been so frustrated with the boys.”
“I now know where they are at ‘in their brain’ and why they are acting the way they are.”
“… how to stay calm and turn power struggles into learning opportunities.”

Where: Messiah Lutheran Church
1550 S. Poseyville Rd. Midland, MI 48640

When: Next class will be coming in the fall of 2014

To Register Call: Jolene Bjorge 492-7702 ext. 1232
*Free Child Care Available by Request *

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