Midland County Family Activity Guide

Happy Summer Midland families! You’ve probably noticed your child has already learned so much this year. This guide provides some quick tips for learning at home and fun FREE Midland County events.

In this guide you will find:

Kindergarten Readiness

Teachers at Midland County Great Start Readiness Programs and Head Start use a tool called Teaching Strategies GOLD to keep track of your child’s progress throughout their time in preschool. Teachers go over this information at parent­teacher conferences with you, but you can ask to be updated any time. Each page of this guide contains a checklist for the skills we are building to help your child prepare for kindergarten and beyond.

Home Connection

A child’s family is their first teacher. Families are busy, and preparing for kindergarten can be overwhelming. Each box labeled “home connection” has free, easy, and fun ideas that fit into your daily routine. Have fun learning while playing “I Spy” in the car, pretending to be a “clean up robot” or making a healthy snack together.

Community Connection

Have you ever heard the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child?” Midland County certainly understands that philosophy. In the bottom right hand corner of the page, you’ll find FREE community events for your family to attend and resources to help your child grow. Research shows children who participate in community events have higher achievement and school success. Have fun learning and explore all of the exciting resources Midland has to offer!

Click the PDF below to view or print the Midland County Family Activity Guide

PDF: Family Activity Guide Summer 2017

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